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Teenager Package

Every parent becomes concerned about the safety of their children around schoolies week – at weekends – at after school activities – at the shopping centre – at teenager parties – at nightclubs.   Teenagers WILL face peer pressure over the use of illegal drugs - alcohol consumption - engaging in conduct that is illegal - the list is endless.  Parent teaching sometimes goes out the window when you are not present.   Now  - you have an option.

Have you ever considered engaging a Q Investigation Services detective – to act as a guardian angel in close proximately of your teenager at all times.  

Whether you want our services in secret or known to your family member  – is up to you. 

Your child may like the idea of a chaperone to turn to if they are faced with a difficult situation.  

Alternatively – the Detective remains discreet and unknown to your teenager.  The detective conducts surveillance on the teenager and friends and protects them from harm.

More and more the services of our experienced Surveillance operatives at Q Investigation Services – are being engaged to protect teenagers who are constantly facing decisions that could impact their future.  Drugs destroy families and a criminal record stays with you for life.

Engaged detectives will travel to Rottnest – Margaret River – Queensland - Bali – Thailand – and report to parents on the progress of their teenager.

The concern of a loving parent for their teenager is a fact of life in these times.  It is not a matter of distrust – it is a matter that there ARE people in the community that are experienced at convincing teenagers to try drugs – to spike drinks – to take sexual advantage of a teenager.

Remember  - at Q Investigation Services - confidentiality is paramount.  Your teenager does not have to know they are being chaperoned.

They will never know – as it will never be disclosed – that behind the guardian angel detective – is a loving parent.