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The Director of Q Investigation Services  - has worked as a Senior Police Detective in the area of Sexual Child Abuse and has investigated, arrested, prosecuted and ultimately imprisoned many offenders ranging from family members, extended family members, persons in authority, coaches, teachers, Principals, Priests and Christian Brothers.

A complaint from an abused child may well commence in later years when the person feels strong enough to report it.

Many child abuse cases are therefore - historical – and much of the evidence available at the time of the offence is long gone.  That does not prevent evidence being gathered now - and the abuser brought to justice.

The one thing that never goes away --- is the memory of the child, the detailed memory of the abuse – and the emotional trauma the abuse has caused over time.

Adult sex offenders take advantage of young minds and set about a plan of abuse towards the child.  For many reasons – none the fault of the child – adult sex offenders coerce the child into sexual acts that the child doesn’t understand.

In many, many cases – it is only years later that the same child grows up and has enough strength with maturity and life experiences – to report the abuse and the abuser is subsequently arrested and dealt with through the courts

Yet many carry the scars of child sexual abuse in silence, forever –  and don’t report the abuse because they feel they must have done something wrong or that they contributed to the abuse in some way.   They don’t report it at all because they are scared they wont be believed - that the abuser will deny the abuse - and they will have to give evidence in a court room in order to convict the abuser – and that is a stressful process they don’t want to experience.

Q Investigation Services - believes a person who abuses a child – should never feel safe from prosecution

If you have been subject of a sexual abuse incident and you want to talk about your options – we are here to listen to you and support you.   Phone 0447178882 - for a confidential talk with a Private Detective who has dealt with many cases and who will be able to help you.