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Q INVESTIGATION SERVICES specialises in a wide range of investigation services.  These investigative services are confidentially available to companies, law firms, government organisations and individuals. 

Our commitment to all our clients is to provide professional services to achieve a successful conclusion on an agreed budget and outcome.

Successfully completing all investigations is just part of our commitment to providing our clients with solutions in order to prevent similar problems from recurring. For all investigations our Director will work with the client to establish a plan to achieve a successful outcome.

 When we conduct internal investigations we have a clear objective to protect the integrity of the organisation and its reputation. This is achieved through professional service and discreet investigaton processes to capture incidents of theft, fraud, substance abuse, violence, corruption, poor productivity and competitive malpractice.

FRAUD and EMPLOYEE STEALING - has been identified as the number one crime in Australia costing companies and Government Offices millions of lost dollars - Over 1 million fraud and employee stealing reports were recorded in Australia during 2015.  

Our workplace investigations include

  • Thorough Investigations of all matters that are concerning you
  • Missing Person Investigations - national andinternational
  • Skip Tracing --  A person who has skipped their known address to avoid detection
  • Substance Abuse Investigations  - is my teenager/my employee/my partner - using drugs 
  • Employee Misconduct - theft - fraud - absenteeism
  • Surveillance ( static and technical)
  • Vehicle Surveillance - where is a person visiting at any time of the day
  • Process Service of Documents - Court Papers - Debt Collection
  • Interviews  -  Accident Inquiry - Insurance Fraud - Social Security Fraud
  • Marital Marital Investigations - Child Custody Investigation - Family Law Investigations
  • Stealing - Fraud - Stealing as an Employee
  • Personal and Property Protection


Q Investigation Services possess the latest listening device detection equipment and have expert licensed operators available to scan your phone, offices, boardrooms, vehicles and homes to ensure

De-bugging sweeps through the office, the home or the vehicle - are regularly sought by Q Investigation Services as individuals and companies seek to protect information and ensure private conversations are not leaked to outside bodies intent on disrupting their operations.

 This is a very important consideration for all professional persons in Executive positions.

Ideally – this task is performed overnight or on weekends when Q Investigation Services staff can have clear access to the area to be de bugged and swept for unwanted devices.

The process includes a physical search – infra red scanning – and the latest wireless detection monitoring equipment.  


Q  Investigation Services – can provide a client with debt recovery and mediation processes to recover monies owed or handle property settlements.

Demanding back payments or large sums of money from debtors, businesses, individuals or even family members is a delicate issue and needs to be moderated with fairness and professionalism.

Our Investigators seek to be respectful and act with courtesy rather than approach this issue with demands.    History tells us that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

In that frame of mind we seek to negotiate and take the stress away from the client.

Phone 0447178882  to discuss .


Are you being assaulted by your partner ?

Are you the victim of conduct that is not acceptable ?

Are you being bullied ?

Are you the victim of sexual abuse by a family member or person in authority ?

Sometimes it is difficult for police to gather evidence to prosecute domestic violence.  If the abuser is clever he will scar the victim with verbal abuse or violence of a nature that does not leave visible injuries.

Our Investigators will discuss options with you that will gather the evidence you can use in judicial action.

Q Investigation Services can provide advice and options to clients to record and capture abuse behind closed doors and this recorded information – whether captured on hidden cameras or other voice recording devices – will afford evidence for a court if that becomes necessary to you.

That action will always be your own decision.

Confidentiality and Privacy to our clients is paramount.


Is your partner having an affair?   They may not be ?

We will discuss with you a solution to suit the circumstances and provide a detailed report including photos and video footage to assist in any action you may later intend to take if your concerns are true.

All matrimonial investigations are conducted with confidentiality and with clear knowledge that this type of inquiry is a delicate emotional area that impacts on a number of people when confirmed.



All of our investigators have worked in the undercover division of the police department.   All have extensive surveillance experience whether static at a specific location – mobile, following a vehicle or person in transit – or GPS tracking as required.

Surveillance can also take the form of desktop analysis of a computer – to track the actions of a target who may be abusing that social media source.

Our experienced operatives know surveillance.  

People are creatures of habit.   Our results in surveillance are very good and clients can be assured a quality report accompanied with photos and video footage of the target person.

Social Security or Insurance Fraud


You don’t need to give your name.

Q Investigation Services  Government social security offices and Insurance companies alike often engage the services of private detectives to gather evidence of a person who may be receiving social security payments as they are not employed or compensation for alleged incapacitating injuries that prevent a person from working.  

A majority of these persons are deserving of government financial assistance.

However as an educated society we also know that a large number of these persons simply don’t want to work – or don’t have injuries that would prevent them working – and unfortunately for the taxpayers  – some people are happy to live off government benefits – or false insurance compensation claims.   

The result left untested - is that Government taxes increase and insurance premiums increase in order for the hard working wider community  - to pay for those receive government benefits in a fraudulent manner.

All information is confidential.  Just phone or fill in the contact information on the Contact Page.