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Frequently Asked Questions


Q Investigation Services – is led by Mr Phil O’Reilly who is a former Senior Detective in the WA Police Service and former Principal Investigator with the WA Racing and Wagering Industry.   He is a licensed Inquiry Agent and a Licensed Private Investigator - approved by the WA Police.

A false declaration of this fact is illegal.

Feel comfortable to phone for a free consultation and all questions will be answered to reassure you of any concerns you may have.

All Private Investigators in Western Australia are required to be Licensed with the WA Police.  It is illegal for a Licensed Inquiry Agent to employ any person as an Investigator if that person does not hold the appropriate current license with WA Police.

The main difference between a serving Police Detective and a Private Detective is disclosure.

Police Detective :  Information is public.

Private Detective :  Information is confidential.

You are the client.  You are in charge.  You decide what action you want taken in consultation with the Private Investigator. 

You can expect the phone to be answered by a friendly voice - Someone who will listen to you and wants to help you with your concerns.

You have called because you want help.  We are here to help you and will do all we can to assist.

Regardless of what you think – just call and ask. You have nothing to lose – it is confidential.

Definitely not.   Q Investigation Services employ very experienced detectives – who don’t get caught.  We will not let anyone know we were hired by you – and your name will never be disclosed.   No one will know we are Private Detectives.

If you call and leave a message – we will determine your call and deal with it appropriately.  If we phone you we will ask if it is you and is it OK to talk.  

If you cant talk – you will say “You have a wrong number”

Hang up and call us when you can.

If someone else answers your phone we will make a call seem like it is a telemarketer or wrong number.