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Case Studies


A large organization conducts large events in Perth attended by many members of the public.  Hospitality staff are recruited on a large scale weeks before the event and have duties of bar work.  A spy camera was fitted above the cash register in one such bar and observations soon determined a casual bar staff member was accepting a $5.00 note for a drink from a person known to her on the public side of the bar – the casual staff member was opening the cash register and giving the friend change of $100.00 for each $5.00 purchase.   Over a full day – this practice could net them both – thousands of dollars.

7 casual staff members were caught and handed over to Police and charged with Stealing as a Servant using this and other practises over a two year period.

During one interview – an offender (back packer) stated he had heard about this practice in Perth while in another state – and had made his way to Perth and to this organization intentionally to “to make some money”.


An employee was engaged by a Perth business as a first aid officer – producing at his interview – a number of documents outlining his impressive paramedic qualifications and past employment.  On occasions the employee was called upon to administer first aid to staff and public.

Following an investigation into the employee – he was found to have studied as a basic first aider – however had not completed the courses he had submitted on his application for employment nor worked in the areas he had said.

His qualification documents were created by him, on his computer and were false.

Following investigations he was handed over to police and coupled with other charges discovered  – he was imprisoned.